Ar Factor Group

Flexibility, professionalism, thoroughness and Internationality


Flexible, Professional, Thorough and Global

A private consultation company for leading civilian, security and defense.

The company specializes in UN-oriented projects, with proven experience in the execution of UN initiatives, technology-based knowledge development in the fields of HLS, security and defense. The company has acquired vast practical experience in the training of civilian national emergency arrays in Israel and abroad.

The company is an authorized dealer to the UN and the Israeli Ministry of Defense; it closely adheres to ISO 9001 standards, and focuses on the following core area of activities:


A.R. Factor Specializes in three principal domains:


A.R. Factor brings unique expertise into preparing companies, government organizations and civilian populations for emergency situations.  We focus on coping with states of emergency in combat and natural disaster situations.
A.R. Factor is an expert in training the population and strengthening readiness for states of emergency, with a special emphasis on local leadership.

Market Development for UN

and World Bank Markets

The company is a market development specialist for companies and organizations operating in UN and World Bank markets. In recent years, the company has acquired vast experience in field of UN and World Bank tenders - their preparation and submission. This experience is based on its unique knowledge and technological tools that significantly increase the chances of our clients to win UN and World Bank tenders.

UN-Oriented Projects

Leading and managing UN-mandated infrastructure, communications and HLS projects.
AR Factor Group is considered an industry expert for creating collaboration within the UN and its agencies, while understanding the UN-market's unique needs. The Group's expertise contributes to all stages of the project's execution, and in the development of required capabilities during the project's execution.

Execution/consulting services for international UN projects

✯ Planning and construction of infrastructures

✯ Agriculture, water and food

✯ Exercises for and training of UN Peacekeepers units

✯ Pharmaceutical drugs and medical equipment

✯ Consulting and business development in the field

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