About the company

AR Factor Group was established in 2015 by Col. (Res.) Aviv Reshef. Since its founding, the company has specialized in two main areas: security and HLS in the global, private and national arenas; and business development and project execution in UN and World Bank markets. Flexibility, professionalism, thoroughness, and a global perspective create the framework in which the company operates. Our teams are combined of professionals from diverse disciplines with international and analytical experience to professionally lead and successfully complete security and HLS projects.

Our vision

UN and World Bank Markets
The AR Factor Group is a groundbreaking company in the field of opening UN and World Bank markets to its customers, creating a significant added advantage to win tenders in this arena, supporting project management and developing capabilities/products that are suited to these agencies.

The AR Factor Group is a leader in consulting, managing and integrating complex security and HLS projects, while using our proven expertise in the field of securing communities, facilities and medical cannabis farms (GSP).

Contact Us

Phone: +972-4-8262619
Fax: +972-4-8262617
Email: info@avivreshef.com
65, Hameyasdim St., Zichron Yaakov, Israel


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