The Team

Uri Barak

Uri has over 15 years of HLS experience, during which he has held several senior official positions in Israeli aviation security, in Israel and abroad. He is experienced in leading complex security systems that combine a wide-range of security technologies and the operation of properly trained security teams. 

Over the last seven years, Uri has become an expert in leading professional teams dealing with the planning, execution and operation of security arrays in critical-infrastructure facilities. These undertakings were carried out in Israel and abroad, and specialized in risk management and writing operational security plans.
As part of his responsibilities as VP and HLS Director with the AR Factor Group, he has led and developed, together with dedicated employees, the field of securing Jewish-community institutions around the world and the securing of medical cannabis farms, and has become an instrumental part of the company by becoming an industry expert.
Uri has a bachelor's degree in economics and management and is a graduate of command courses in the Israeli security community.

Colonel (res.) Aviv Reshef
Founder and CEO

In 2015, Col. (res.) Aviv Reshef retired after 26 years of IDF service after holding many pivotal field positions, in addition to two years as the IDF TRADOC representative in the United States.

Following his military service, Avi served as a special consultant for SIBAT and collaborated in an exclusive UN project. He served as a special consultant for the Head of the UN Peacekeeping Division and is experienced in leading HLS projects in private and international arenas.

In 2016, he was one of the founders of an international body for providing consultation and business development in civilian sectors, in collaboration with the UN and the European Union. Reshef holds a BA in economics from Bar Ilan University, and an executive MA in public policy from Tel-Aviv University.

Tsila Reshef, Head of Public-Sector Tenders 

Tsila holds a master's degree in public policy from Tel-Aviv University, and is experienced in long-term processes in private and public organizations.
Tsila serves as the Head of Public-Sector Tenders, which leads the preparations of a project's tender and accompanies the process until its final submission stages.

Ayala Meushar FaranPersonal Assistant to the CEO and Business Development specialist

Six years of experience in project management in security companies in Israel and abroad.
In addition to her role as personal assistant to the CEO, Ayala leads the company's organizational processes and promotes business development in the company.

Lior Shaked
Company Analyst

Lior's role includes feasibility analysis of international markets by carrying out business research and researching the backgrounds of relevant individuals and companies. Lior is an expert in monitoring and modifying tenders for customers and has over a decade of experience in working with international companies. 

Lior holds a BA and MA in Business Administration, both with honors, from leading international universities.